Make Your Own Homemade Bacon Vodka


Homemade Bacon Vodka recipe at Bensa Bacon blog

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If you’re going to make a Bacon Bloody Mary, you’ll need a bottle of Bacon Vodka. When you make your own bacon-infused vodka, you can control the intensity and quality of ingredients. You can also create a pure product with no artificial flavorings and the inimitable flavor that comes from creating it yourself with your favorite bacon. Shall we get started?

  • 12 slices top-quality bacon
  • 1 750-ml bottle top-quality vodka
  • 1 round paper coffee filter

In a large skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until it is brown and crispy. Remove the bacon slices from the pan and drain on several layers of paper towels. When cool, cover with several more layers of paper towels and press down with your palms until you’ve removed as much fat as you possibly can. Crumble the bacon into a 2-quart covered glass dish, like a casserole dish.

Pour the vodka over the bacon. Cover the dish and refrigerate for four days, stirring occasionally.

Set a mesh strainer over a large glass or ceramic bowl. Strain the vodka to remove the bacon pieces, which you can discard since all the bacony flavor has transferred to the vodka. Now line the strainer with a paper coffee filter and strain the vodka again.  Pour the bacon infused vodka back in the bottle, and you’ll be already ready to mix it into your favorite Bacon Bloody Mary recipe.

Note: For a smaller quantity, follow the directions above using a half-full (or half-empty, depending on your outlook) bottle of vodka. Use 6 slices of bacon instead of 12, and add the crumbled bacon directly to the bottle. You may have to remove a plastic stopper to do this. Proceed as above.


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