BENSA is the exclusive society of Bacon Enthusiasts ‘N Swine Aficionados.

Bacon lovers unite! If you love eating crispy, crunchy bacon, you’ve come to the right place. BENSA brings together the best bacon fans from around the world for the latest in everything related to our favorite pork product.

The Hot Bacon Blog features bacon news, bacon recipes (including select offerings from 101 Things To Do With Bacon, the official BENSA-sanctioned bacon cookbook), bacon festivals and events, bacon products, our ongoing quest for the best bacon, the latest ways to cook with bacon, bacon art and much more.

Passionate about bacon? Join us!

If your intelligence test scores aren’t high enough to qualify you for the high IQ society Mensa, don’t worry! BENSA believes that every person deserves to belong to a prestigious society. To join BENSA, you need only meet two qualifications:

1. You must love bacon.

2. You have to pass the 4-question Bacon Bensa Intelligence Test, commonly known as the Bacon B.I.T.

3. Choose from a Regular or Gold Membership, and join today!

If you meet Criteria #1, click here to take the test.

Good luck, and if you’re fortunate enough to pass the Bacon B.I.T. you’ll soon enjoy the prestige, distinction, clout, superiority and general all-around impressiveness that comes from being a Bensan.

Thanks for your interest in BENSA, and we look forward to supporting your passion for bacon.

~ The BENSA Membership Committee

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